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Fight against cancer.

Let us stand together and fight against breast cancer. With early detection being the key it is easier to cure the disease if it has been diagnosed at an early stage. Join us in spreading awareness about breast cancer so that many can be saved.

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There is HOPE.

The earlier you diagnose breast cancer, the better chances you have at curing the disease. Do not be disheartened if you are diagnosed with cancer, and there are many ways in which breast cancer can be treated.

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Health Tips and Awareness 

Everything you need to about breast cancer

Breast cancer

Gone are the times when cancer was considered as one of the rare phenomena. Now a day cancer has become yet another disease like fever and cough that affects a man. The tremendous growth in the number of people being attacked is basically because of the lifestyle of people.

Not giving enough attention for the body requires and indulging in some activities that affect the body condition drastically like consumption of alcohol and smocking. Even though there are different types of cancer, the common type of cancer that most women are being affected is I the Breast Cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is a condition in which the cancer cells grow in the breast region.


Even though after extensive research there is no clear answer to the question what exactly causes it. The one explicit thing is, there is damage caused to DNA of the cell, and that is when the normal cell is affected and becomes a cancer cell.

Facts about Breast Cancer:

1.One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer

Even a small, rough calculation is resulting in unimaginable numbers. Like mentioned earlier cancer has evolved from being a very rare disease to yet another common thing.

2.Breast Cancer- The most common one

There are different types of cancer. Among all the types of cancer, women are most commonly affected by breast cancer.

3.The second highest cause of death

Among all the disease that humanity has ever been affected by, breast cancer holds the second place for the highest number of deaths.

4.The jaw-dropping numbers

Each year it is estimated that almost 2,52,710 women are being diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,500 die because of it.

5.Between the Tik and the Tok

On an average, every 2 minutes a woman is being diagnosed of breast cancer, and for 13 minutes a woman dies because of breast cancer.

6.The overall number

There are about 3.3 million breast cancer survivors only in the US.

7.Men can get breast cancer

Your question is right. But the sad fact is there are rare cases when men are being affected. It is estimated a total of 2,470 men were affected by breast cancer.







The WHO report

According to the reports from the World Health Organization of all types of cancer Breast cancer is the one that is responsible for more number of deaths.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer, there are certain explicit signs that indicate breast cancer. One of the very first and a common symptom in the lumps in your breast. Pain in the breast is also a symptom, even though all pains are not cancer indications, pains up to a notable period of time might be a symptom for cancer.

The Good News

In recent years we have seen a gradual decrease in the number of people getting affected by breast cancer due to the awareness among the people and also the scientific advancements. Even though the cure hasn’t been found the hormone replacement therapy after menopause and early detection is the reason for a drastic decrease.

Various treatments for breast cancer

Breast cancer

Cancer is a stigma that can get stuck to us, and it can be very traumatizing before we get away from it but this is for people who have been cure and have no visible left by this disease, But for people who have a visible scare on their body it makes it very difficult for them even with a complete support of the family members. Among the types of cancers, breast cancer is one of the worst of it many women lapse into a loss of their personal identity and sometimes even when they are healed of this disease the stigma lest by this disease slowly kills the person.

There are various treatments given to cure this disease here a brief guide so that you can take an educated decision and always take a second opinion from an experienced doctor or your family physician thus you take an educated decision and keep yourself from all unwanted dangers



There are different types of procedures followed they are

Lumpectomy- In this surgery, the doctors make sure that they remove only the lymph nodes and a small amount of tissues surrounding that area.

Mastectomy- in this method the entire of the breast tissue is removed thus one can keep it away from causing any further complications again.

Breast reconstructive surgery :

This surgery is done as soon as the either of the above surgeries are done, some prefer to do it after a month or after a year, but some people prefer to not have reconstructive surgery at all and opt out to use prosthesis.


This therapy is used by injecting a person with a powerful dosage of chemicals which will kill all the cells causing cancer in the body this is a very painful treatment compared to the previous treatment this is used to treat both the early stage and the advanced stage of cancer. When this treatment is used in the human body, it completely destroys the immune system found in the human body. This treatment is sometimes used as a final attack against the cancer cells in the body.

Radiation therapy

This treatment is sometimes also referred to as the radiotherapy – this treatment is one of the most highly targeted and highly effective ways kill the activity of the cancers cells in the breast that may be present even after the surgery, despite the common clams this therapy is relatively easy to tolerate, and its side effects stick to the area where the treatment was administered.

Hormonal therapy.

This therapy is done by reducing the level of the hormone estrogen in the body and also by blocking the action of the estrogen on the breast cancer cells. The estrogen inflow in blocked because this aids in the growth of the cancer cells in the breast but however this treatment is not effective against the hormone-receptive- negative breast cancer cells. Sometimes the ovaries and the fallopian tubes will be surgically removed in order to treat the hormone-receptive- positive breast cancer cells.

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