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New Zealand Breast Cancer Register consolidation currently underway!!!

The Waikato Breast Cancer Register (WBCR) together with the three other regional breast cancer registers (Auckland: which covers Waitemata, Auckland and Counties Manukau DHBs, Wellington: Wairarapa, Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley DHBs, and Christchurch: Canterbury District Health Board),  collect approximately 63% of all New Zealand breast cancer registrations (around 1600 per annum).

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is leading and funding a project to consolidate the regional registers into a single, modern, web-based platform that will add significant value towards future-proofing these valuable datasets. The new platform will make it easier for data to be made available to clinicians for clinical decision-making and review of outcomes, standards of treatment, scientific research and audits. The ultimate vision of collecting this data is to drive improvements in our treatment and care of breast cancer in New Zealand.   

Dendrite Clinical Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom), was selected to develop the IT platform which will be securely stored at the Ministry of Health IT platform alongside similar clinical registries. Patient data will remain confidential and coded to ensure details are not identifiable. The partnership has been a collaboration between the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Ministry of Health and the National Health IT Board. 

For more information on the NZBCR including the Participant Information Sheet (Patient Brochure) please contact Rachel Shirley Tel: 07-839 8726 ext 97503; email:” or contact the NZBCF at 0800 BCNurse  

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Breast conserving surgery - How much is enough?

Many women with breast cancer have breast conserving surgery, where the tumour and surrounding tissue is removed, rather than the whole breast. Breast conserving surgery allows a much faster recovery, compared to mastectomy, and besides the advantages of breast preservation,  survival outcomes are equivalent. Unfortunately, using current guidelines,approximately one in five women who have breast conserving surgery need a second surgery because some cancer cells come up to or close to the margin of tissue excised. This is traumatic for the women concerned, and costly to the health service, and uncertainty exists whether all these women really need further surgery to reduce risk of local recurrence

“Breast conserving surgery is the best option for most women with early breast cancer, but controversy exists on this issue of margins, and it has never previously been looked at in as large a group of women with the degree of detail contained in the NZ Regional Registers,” says A/Prof. Dr Campbell.

A/Prof. Ian Campbell is going to examine data from the Patient Register to determine how much breast tissue surrounding a tumour needs to be removed during surgery to minimise risk of  the cancer coming back, and also avoid unnecessary extra operations.

“Thanks to the Patient Register, we hope to establish guidelines that all surgeons can follow, so that as few women as is appropriate have to go back for a second surgery.”

A team of Waikato researchers will be working with colleagues from the University of Auckland, Middlemore and Christchurch Hospitals on the “margins project”.

We acknowledge the Health Research Council & Breast Cancer Foundation for their funding of this project.

Waikato Treasure Chests
The Waikato Treasure Chests is a Dragon Boat team that is made up of breast cancer survivors and supporters (family and friends).  Members come from a large range of ages - spanning 35 years.

The goal is about providing breast cancer survivors with the opportunity to lead full and active lives regardless of their sporting ability.
Any survivors or supporters that are interested in joining the team should contact Dallas Honey - President, phone 07 8465363.

Training is at the Hamilton Lake, Innes Common Thursday nights at 5pm.  For more information visit the Waikato Treasure Chests website.
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