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Breast Cancer

Everything you need to about breast cancer

Gone are the times when cancer was considered as one of the rare phenomena. Now a day cancer has become yet another disease like fever and cough that affects a man. The tremendous growth in the number of people being attacked is basically because of the lifestyle of people.

Not giving enough attention for the body requires and indulging in some activities that affect the body condition drastically like consumption of alcohol and smocking. Even though there are different types of cancer, the common type of cancer that most women are being affected is I the Breast Cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is a condition in which the cancer cells grow in the breast region.


Even though after extensive research there is no clear answer to the question what exactly causes it. The one explicit thing is, there is damage caused to DNA of the cell, and that is when the normal cell is affected and becomes a cancer cell.

Facts about Breast Cancer:

1.One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer

Even a small, rough calculation is resulting in unimaginable numbers. Like mentioned earlier cancer has evolved from being a very rare disease to yet another common thing.

2.Breast Cancer- The most common one

There are different types of cancer. Among all the types of cancer, women are most commonly affected by breast cancer.

3.The second highest cause of death

Among all the disease that humanity has ever been affected by, breast cancer holds the second place for the highest number of deaths.

4.The jaw-dropping numbers

Each year it is estimated that almost 2,52,710 women are being diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,500 die because of it.

5.Between the Tik and the Tok

On an average, every 2 minutes a woman is being diagnosed of breast cancer, and for 13 minutes a woman dies because of breast cancer.

6.The overall number

There are about 3.3 million breast cancer survivors only in the US.

7.Men can get breast cancer

Your question is right. But the sad fact is there are rare cases when men are being affected. It is estimated a total of 2,470 men were affected by breast cancer.








The WHO report

According to the reports from the World Health Organization of all types of cancer Breast cancer is the one that is responsible for more number of deaths.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer, there are certain explicit signs that indicate breast cancer. One of the very first and a common symptom in the lumps in your breast. Pain in the breast is also a symptom, even though all pains are not cancer indications, pains up to a notable period of time might be a symptom for cancer.

The Good News

In recent years we have seen a gradual decrease in the number of people getting affected by breast cancer due to the awareness among the people and also the scientific advancements. Even though the cure hasn’t been found the hormone replacement therapy after menopause and early detection is the reason for a drastic decrease.