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January Newsletter

Welcome back everybody, quiet days so far this week, I’m guessing some people are still in ‘holiday’ mode. We are still keeping to restricted days and some other Covid protocols until NZ has implemented any vaccine plans etc that means we can return to normal. If you have any questions please just contact us or call in anytime to discuss.

Unless another Covid Level restriction is brought in we will resume all our activities as normal with plenty of Community Participation, Courses in the Community, and similar activities. Sally will continue her 1-1 literacy classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, and we are hoping to start some numeracy classes this year.

Thank you to all those who attended our Christmas Party, it is always lovely to see you all and have chance to catch up. Do remember you are all welcome here anytime, no appointment needed. We will be updating our client goal plans soon and for some clients that will mean we need to contact you to help make these plans, we appreciate your help on this.

A reminder that we will always send word home if a client needs money or a packed lunch (for trips) etc. Please make sure that we have your preferred email address for easy contact or let us know if you would prefer a text. We know notices ‘sent home’ do not always arrive.

Here’s looking forward to a good year for all of us.

Sharon & the team at Whitford Brown Community Trust

Or my cell phone 027 2300 402

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